Located on the Atlantic Coast, in the town of Quequén, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, it specializes in Buckfast bees. The apiary is authorized by the National Agrifood Health and Quality Service with the national registry of breeding apiaries under code B-022, enabled to access international markets.

Roberto Pedersen Halaguer is the owner and manager of the hatchery. He has more than 35 years of experience in queen breeding, and has worked for 20 years in Denmark, knowing Buckfast genetics in depth there.

His close relationship with Danish breeders has allowed him to carry out a regular exchange of genetics, obtaining the best mothers (F0) for raising queens and producing quality drones.

More than 5,000 mated Buckfast queens are produced per year, starting in the Rio Negro valley with the natural flowering of the Patagonian forest. Then it was transferred to the prairies of the Atlantic coast. The mating stations are located on the sea coast allow good control of the environment to avoid unwanted hybridization.

Buckfast Argentina


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    <span>Buckfast queens</span> <br> Buckfast Argentina

    Buckfast queens
    Buckfast Argentina


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    Buckfast Argentina (ARG)

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