Spraglebjerg Beekeeping, is managed by Lars Egelunn Nielsen, who is, at least, a fourth-generation beekeeper. Has distributed bees for pollination for 40 years, and today we distribute more than 1000 colonies for pollination. Pollination and honey production are thereby our main tasks.  

We run two island mating stations on the side, to do this successfully. We have Langø mating station, which we took over from Carten Dalbøl 4 years ago. We have continued Dalbøls’ work, by maintaining the old Buckfast breeding lines, faithfully to his methods. Many of the old Buckfast lines are small to medium in size, but the colonies become significantly larger through openmating.

Furthermore, we have Omø mating station, where we use our breeding lines, which we have done for 16 years. Here there is normally more power in the colonies because we always use our best dronelines. 

We focus on peacefulness, honey profit, longevity and hardiness, so they can handle the stress factors, which occur through pollination.


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