From the North of the Island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean northwest of the African continent, a Spanish autonomous community, is one of the outermost regions of the European Union. Thanks to this geographical location, we enjoy a subtropical climate that allows queen breeding practically all year round.

Casa Las Pérez is a small family business which, under the direction of Jonay González and Sara Rodríguez, manages a queen breeding farm with 250 hives and 200 matting nuclei. Being on an island, we locate our apiaries starting from the coast (100 m) to the periphery of the Teide National Park (1300 m) where our bees feed on native flora making its honey production under protection of the Miel de Tenerife PDO.

We produce Buckfast queens, we use orphaned hives for the production of royal cells that are then transferred to the artificial incubator. They are then introduced into 3-frame Langstroth nuclei, where the queen has enough space to show the disposition of the clutch and its vigor, all of them located in matting parks with Cárnica drones.

Casa de Perez


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    <span>Reinas Buckfast</span> <br>Casa Las Pérez

    Reinas Buckfast
    Casa Las Pérez

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    Casa las Pérez (ESP)

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