We are located in Aulum -Central Jutland region-. In 2012 we started our own Buckfast breeding lines. Prior to that, we had produced mated queens from breeder queens (F0) of purchased Carnica and Buckfast lines.

We started breeding with Knud Hvam and today we have become Nordic Buckfast of Mathias Hvam and Per From. We produce royal cells, virgin queens, mated queens and mated Buckfast lines on the island of Venø.

Our work on the island having natural fertilization in a totally controlled environment has allowed us to advance our Buckfast lines of both queens and drones.

We supply the local European market and in turn export to Argentina in a collaboration process with Roberto Pedersen Halager's Buckfast Argentina hatchery.

At Nordic Buckfast we breed F0 pure queens that are exported to Argentina in September. There, Buckfast Argentina receives them and carries out the reproduction, which allows us to have fertilized queens with our genetics in Denmark every year at an early stage -around May 1st-.

Nordic Buckfast


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    <span>BUCKFAST QUEENS (F0)</span><br>Nordic Buckfast

    Nordic Buckfast

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    <span>Buckfast queens</span> <br> Nordick Buckfast

    Buckfast queens
    Nordick Buckfast

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    Nordic Buckfast (DK)

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