We are located in north-central Croatia under and inside the Bilogora low mountains on three different locations.

One is in a swamp valley beside the river Česma, 108m below sea level. The second one is in the
edge of the town of Bjelovar. It is also a swamp area and is the main location for queen breeding, making cells
produce packets of bees, royal jelly, etc. It is 119m below sea level. The third location is 270m below sea level, in the Bilogora low mountains and that location is used for making honey of acacia and linden.

Our Queens of the Carnica breed are under the direction of Nikola Pratnemer, the owner and leader of our small company. Our genetic selection program began in 2007. The queens we produce are in nuclei of two lr frames. Transplantation of larvae is done by hand, using a needle for that purpose. The start for making cells are several dozen hives db 10. The apiary manages around 200 hives. The hatchery has about 200 mating nuclei and the full production season runs from may until the end of

Nikola Pratnemer


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    <span>Carniolan queens</span> <br>Nikola Pratnemer

    Carniolan queens
    Nikola Pratnemer

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    Nikola Pratnemer (CRO)

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