Implementing a comprehensive traceability solution on blockchain presents us with several challenges and at the same time opens up a range of possibilities and advantages over other ways of achieving the traceability of the material from its origin to the customer.

Why use blockchain technology for queen bee traceability systems? It is an ideal technology for this purpose since it allows us to take advantage of its three basic principles:

- Immutability

- Decentralization

- Security



Blockchain networks  and the information we store on them are permanent and immutable. Once the information – which in our case ranges from genetic certificate information up to the entire logistics path of each order – is entered into the blockchain, it cannot be changed or deleted in any way. This allows us to have a permanent and immutable record of the information.


Because it is a distributed technology without a central authority, all network participants share the information and help secure it. The larger the amount of nodes that exist in the network not only make it more fault tolerant but also reduce the risk that a single entity can control the entire network if it wants to.


The information that is entered into the blockchain is automatically encrypted and protected through cryptographic algorithms. This means that even if someone unauthorized can get hold of the information, it will be useless if they do not have the appropriate cryptographic keys to view it.

Our queen bee traceability system allows us to generate a unique traceability certificate, which includes all the logistical information of the shipment (origin, shipping path and transport documents, etc.) as well as the genetic information of the live material that the client receives, so that the client can ensure that they have an immutable, permanent and secure certificate for each of their orders.

With this system, APIBreeders offers its clients full security that their queen bee orders are traced and controlled throughout their journey, also adding the genetic information of their live material - all this guaranteed by blockchain monitoring.


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