Located in Castilla La Mancha, Spain, we are among vineyards where radish predominates, giving us high quality pollen and nectar for breeding queens. Also during the season we have flowers such as rosemary, different thyme, broom, and lavender.

We breed queens of the Iberian breed under the direction of Francisco Tornero, Technical Agricultural Engineer in Agricultural Farms, carrying out a phenotypic selection program using data collection techniques with intelligent scales, measurement of the character of cleanliness, grooming, resistance to diseases and high production.

We work with rotation of layens-type orphan hives where the translarvae of the F0 queen mothers are placed. Subsequently, semi-orphan hives are used for the continuation of the royal cells. The finalization of the royal cells is done in incubators until the queens are born, after which they are introduced into the nuclei for fertilization.

The full production season goes from April to June and September to November depending on the year.


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    <span>Iberiensis queens</span> <br>Villapi

    Iberiensis queens

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    Villapi (ESP)

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