L'Apicola del Bages is characterized by the breeding of Iberian queens in Catalonia. The benefits of the Mediterranean climate allow it to develop its activity in optimal conditions. Much of the Catalan soil is preserved intact and untouched by the hand of man. The forest landscape is distributed over 18,257 km² and is especially appreciated in the mountainous areas of the north and the coast. This includes light and thick forests as well as the vegetation of humid zones.

The apiaries are located on the slopes of Montserrat, where queen breeding takes place. Rosemary, durillo, thyme and winter heather grow there. In March the hives gain the necessary vigor to start breeding queens. Dadant hives are used and fertilization in high-density polystyrene babies. During the month of May the fertilization nuclei are transferred to the Pyrenees following the flowering period, with queens available until September.

We work with the Iberian breed of our own selection, quantifying: laying capacity in spring, nectar collection in summer, and the order of the breeding chamber and laying capacity for hibernating.

Apícola del Bages


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    <span>Reinas Iberiensis</span> <br> L'Apícola del Bages

    Reinas Iberiensis
    L'Apícola del Bages

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    L'Apícola del Bages (ESP)

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